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Who can join the library?
Anybody in the Cayman Islands can join the library.
How do I join the library?
Fill out the membership form and take it to your local library with identification showing proof of your address.
How old do you have to be to join the library?
You can join the library from any age.
How much does it cost to join the library?
For adults the cost is $5 per year, and for children there is no charge.
How many books can I borrow from the library?
Once you have received your library card you may borrow up to 10 books at a time.
How long can I borrow books for?
You can borrow books for up to three weeks. Your books will each be stamped with a return date, so you know when the books are due to be returned to the library.
What if I need the books for longer?
You can renew your books once for another three weeks, unless they have been reserved by another patron.
Can I use my CIPL membership card at any library?
Yes, once you have your own library card, it can be used at any library in the Cayman Islands.
Can I return my books to any library, even if I borrowed them from a different library?
Please return your books to the branch that you borrowed them from. The Library service appreciates the prompt return of all stock to the library from which it was borrowed as this ensures other patrons have access to titles as soon as they are returned.
Do you have any other materials besides books?
Yes, CIPL stocks books on cassette tape and CD. We also have magazines, newspapers, DVDs, and videos. Holdings will vary in the branch libraries. We also have a large E-Book collection that can be accessed online using your active library membership card. Ask your local librarian for details.
Is there a library service available on the Sister Islands?
There is a Public Library in Cayman Brac. Residents of Little Cayman are entitled to register to borrow books by mail. This is a free service. Books by Mail borrowers can be sent a maximum of five books at a time. Postal irregularities are taken into account when assessing fines.
Does the library have IT facilities?
All libraries have IT facilities, but these do vary. Please call your local library to find out what they have on offer.
What are the fines for books returned late?
Overdue items accrue fines daily as follows:
  • Fine for juvenile and adult materials: 10 cents per day
  • Maximum fine: $2.00
Can I use the photocopier at the library?
There is a black and white photocopier at each CIPL. A member of staff will do your copying for you at a charge of 25c per sheet.
Does the library run programmes for adults and children?
Yes, there is a regular calendar of events and activities taking place in all districts. Programmes are designed to be of interest to adults and children of all ages. Please see local newspapers and check your local library for information of forthcoming events and programmes.
I would like to volunteer in the library. What should I do?
Visit or call your local library and talk to them about what you can offer. They will take your details and get in touch with you when your assistance is required.