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The Cayman Islands Public Library Service advances a free and informed society by assembling, creating, preserving and providing access to resources for human creativity, wisdom and achievement.  We are committed to the promotion of an informed, aware and literate society that fosters our national development and unique cultural heritage.


The Cayman Islands Public Library is a place for discovery at the heart of the community and will support Cayman Islands residents in their efforts to:

  • develop a love of reading
  • access information for work and learning
  • pursue interests that will enrich their lives
  • understand changes in technology, society and culture
  • gather and interact with each other

Values Statement

Our core values are:

  • Accessibility - We provide ready, equal and equitable access to information resources (regardless of technology, format, or methods of delivery) to all library users.
  • Collaboration - We build partnerships with community agencies, organizations and businesses to support lifelong learning opportunities, preserve community heritage, and protect/provide access to information.
  • Innovation- We add value to the public library service and to the community-at-large through a culture of innovation.
  • Learning - We expand learning opportunities for library users, residents and staff through point-of-need, informal and formal instruction.
  • Sustainability - We facilitate the exchange of information to assist community leaders in decision-making processes and to move towards a sustainable community with a well-functioning local economy, broad access to resources, high-quality education and a sound environment.